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rtmk - real-time microkernel

This is rtmk, a free real-time microkernel released under the GNU General Public License version 2 or later.

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About rtmk

rtmk is free real-time microkernel developed by Johan Rydberg. It shared alot of ideas with the Mach microkernel developed by CMU in the late 80's and early 90's (project stopped in -94).

The goals for the project;

Current status of the kernel:

Working things:

Not working/implemented things: See the Work-In-Process section to find out what I'm currently working on.



The rtmk manual is available in the following formats:


Well, I work on lots of things. I suggest that you look at the rtmk-cvs archives.

Obtaining rtmk

The latest source snapshot of rtmk is 20020327 (mirror). The NEWS file has details of what's changed in this release.

If you plan to do active work on the rtmk, you can access the development source tree by anonymous CVS:

  cvs login 
  {just hit enter when prompted for password}
  cvs -z3 co rtmk
Available modules are: rtmk, rig and pthread. Alternatively, you can use the viewcvs interface.


There are some public mailing lists related to rtmk.
rtmk-discuss (archives)
For discussing rtmk issues
rtmk-cvs (archives)
A read-only mailing list containing the notes from checkins to the rtmk CVS
You can also drop in at the #rtmk or #osdev IRC channels at

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What about the PowerPC port? What hardware is supported?
    Currently the PowerPC port can only be run within the PSIM simulator. The PowerPC port was mainly done to make it easier to debug and profile the kernel.

  • Contributing

    Help is always needed. Among the things that need to be done (that I would like some help with) is:

    Related links

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